Virtually Augment Your Reality

Today OASIS isn’t something new, what OASIS is, is an evolving community and idea, governed by the users to decide where OASIS grows. Presently purely PoS with masternodes, anything could happen in the future, based on the decisions and proposals by the holders of OASIS and voted upon by those that secure the network with masternodes.


Many projects attempt to dazzle with lots of big words and technology, OASIS is based upon the codebase of Pivx but as future proposals dictate, we hope to expand on it. The first goal was to reinvigorate the community to propose goals, there is a team of individuals ready to work to implement and publicize OASIS while taking the thoughts and approved proposals of the community to make OASIS a place where many will want to congregate and gather together.


It’s simple . . . if you have an idea or a suggestion, or a desire to see something implemented, get the support of the community and participate as OASIS grows.

We envision a future, with you, in the OASIS.